Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Best of 2011

Best Albums and Singles of 2011
Behold Oblivion - Witness
Memphis May Fire - The Hollow
Saving Grace - The King is Coming
The Human Abstract - Digital Veil
Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire
Battlecross - Pursuit of Honor
Unearth - Darkness In The Light
Ready, Set, Fall! - Buried
Confession - The Long Way Home
Chimaira - The Age of Hell
Breakdown Of Sanity - Mirrors
All Shall Perish - This Is Where It Ends
Trivium - In Waves
Death Destruction - Death Destruction
Phinehas - Thegodmachine
Threat Signal - Threat Signal
A Plea For Purging - The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging
Born of Osiris - The Discovery
Have Nots - Proud
Mute - Thunderblast

Hive Mind - Behold Oblivion
Extinction Mantra - Scar Symmetry
Buried Alive - Ready, Set, Fall!
I Am The Lion - Phinehas
The Sinner - Memphis May Fire
The First Woe - Saving Grace
Push Pull Destroy - Battlecross
Antimacy - Dead And Divine
Misery - Battlecross
Machine Gun - The Living End
Circle of Friends - Legend
Psychogenocide - Nervecell
Digital Veil - The Human Abstract
You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence
Strength In Numbers - Times Of Grace
Tipping the Scales - Across The Sun
Born in Blood - Chimaira
Should Anything Go Wrong - Face To Face
Louisville Slugger - Have Nots
I Created This Horror - Confession
The Magnetic Sky - Becoming The Archetype
Solar Flare Homicide - Emmure
Recreate - Born Of Osiris
The Longest Year - Dead 'Til Friday
Jovian - Hands
Structures - Onward To Olympas
Eyes Wide Open - Sleeping Giant
Tyranny - Anterior
Distorted Rules - As They Burn
The Journey - The Rabble
Cut Dem - Skindred
In Waves - Trivium
Royalty Into Exile - All Shall Perish
Bates Motel - Mute
Stuck In The Middle - Four Year Strong
Story Of A Stranger - Breakdown Of Sanity
The Wake - Sirens
The Call - In The Midst Of Lions
Man Made Disaster - Betraying The Martyrs
Day of Reckoning - Death Destruction
Stare - SEES
Death Before Dishonor - Threat Signal
No Funeral - Revocation

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