Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Unsigned and Awesome: Sirens & Sailors

Sirens & Sailors are a metal band from Rochester, NY. Playing some of the most solid Metal you will hear with some southern insperation. Vocalist Kyle Bihrle puts in a fantastic effort!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Unsigned and Awesome: The Cover Up

The Cover Up were a hardcore / metal band from the USA. The band was feature in the Commonwealth Bank adversiting in Australia.

Review: Have Nots - Proud

The Have Nots second album "Proud" is as solid as their previous effort "Serf City USA". A 14 track punk power house that harkens back to the days of Rancid's "...and out come the Wolves".

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Unsigned and Awesome: Falling Anvils

Falling Anvils are a Metal, Funk, Punk, Rock, Blues, Rap band from Canada. Getting a 5 / 5 from The NewReview and providing the album for free.

Free Tunes: Have Nots

The Have Nots are a Punk band from Boston USA. With an album with a sound and quality that matches Rancid ...and out come with wolves. With one little extra bonus, it's free. A new album is also out now.

Unsigned and Awesome: Murdock

Murdock are a metal band "with punk attitude" from Ireland.

Unsigned and Awesome: Mute

Mute are a Punk band from Canada, with a frantic pace and great vocal harmonies that threaten to take on veterans Bad Relgion. Take a listen and be impressed!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Unsigned and Awesome: Destrage

Another supurb Italian metal band. Jekyll and Hyde is the best way to describe this band.

Unsigned and Awesome: Eli

Eli (or Eli Rises) is a metalcore band from Chicago USA. With a quality EP release in 2008. Hopefully we will see something new soon.

Unsigned and Awesome: Om Mani

Om Mani is a french progressive metal band. Another band releasing a a quality free album.

Unsigned and Awesome: Ready! Set! Fall!

Ready! Set! Fall! are a metalcore band from Italy. With a fantastic live video release available for free and with any luck an album coming out mid 2011.

Unsigned and Awesome: SEES

To start with it's free! SEES is a strong album with Meshuggah influence. Download it now.

Unsigned and Awesome: The Last Place You Look

The Late Place You Look are an unsigned band from Houston TX playing some excellent hard rock. In their own words "a variety of musical highs and lows all bunched up into a fist pumping jack hammer of rock."